Sunday, 19 August 2007

Resuming Transmissions...

My children, I have returned from the desert with much wisdom!

The devil tried to tempt me with anything I wanted in the world and I gave him a very definite answer.

Being absolutely exhausted at this point I've had to take a hiatus from that whirlwind of enticements and have remembered that I started this little project as a way of making myself actually finish pieces and follow my ideas through to the end.

Being of an easily distracted nature I've found that the only way to get myself to buckle down is to give myself deadlines. Therefore I'm committing myself to posting at least one piece every weekend or may the nearest deity strike me down or at least give me most annoying of ailments - waking up every hour during the night thinking I'm late when the next day is actually Saturday.

Whether or not anyone ever finds or examines my lonely internet island, the only way I'll ever develop as a writer is if I actually, you know, write something.

So here I go.

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