Saturday, 22 March 2008

Liquid Lunch... And Breakfast... And Maybe Dinner...

My friend DumbDumb* has started one of those diets that primarily consists of replacing most of your meals with shakes and salads. As long as the salads don't contain any vegetables that are too brightly coloured or taste good or make you feel full or anything.

From what I can remember the she has given up most vegetables, meat, all forms of carbohydrates and... well everything short of water.
Apparently she has to keep this up for three months until she reaches her optimal shake sculpted form and then she gets to go onto Phase Two where she gets rewarded with the return of some of the evil vegetables and possibly some pasta!

She's one week in and going strong... but being the cynic that I am I'm fully expecting her to sink into a shake-inspired diarrhoea-riddled lethargy or to snap and eat something scandalous like a banana or even some chocolate and will end up curled up in the corner sobbing with guilt.

I don't claim to be an paragon of dietary restraint and virtue but I've never trusted the programs that require you to drastically change your habits for a limited period of time, it's always suggested that any results you achieve will last for a limited period of time too.
Of course Dumb Dumb says that once she has reached Shake Perfection she will take up regular exercise to maintain her new chassis, as is usually the claim, so fingers crossed she will, otherwise all those chalky beverages will have been consumed in vain.

*names have been changed to protect the dumb dumb.

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