Monday, 30 March 2009


Tsk, this is getting ridiculous.
OK internets, I have a confession to make.
I only have access to you on the weekends.
Well, unfettered access.

My workplace is unfairly suspicious of its employees' intentions and seems to think we'd spend the entire day looking at pictures of kittens or watching viral videos so they have blocked a lot of websites, and I mean A LOT.
Actually I'm kind of impressed.
Most of the websites we need for work are easily accessed but anything that might be a webcomic or social networking site is on the 'no no' list.

As I live in an area outside of the city that hasn't yet embraced the idea of internet cafes, my other option is the free internet available at the local library. Unfortunately they too have concerns about their patrons' online behaviour and have blocked many photo sharing sites and forums, almost anything to do with online gaming and yet I can still log on to Whitechapel.
Strange fish to slip through the net. Ha Ha Ha! Pun!*

And I haven't yet invited you into my home, internets.
It's not that you wouldn't be welcome, well some parts of you, it's just... well first I'd have to look at the different types of internet packages available and the conditions attached and the costs and all those lovely details and along with buying a watch and a new winter coat I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

But I'm going to soon because only getting to trawl the fun bits of the internet when I visit friends and family is a) annoying and b) kind of rude, what with the ignoring them for hours on end whilst I giggle at webcomics or lurk on forums.

In some ways it's an advantage because when I finally do come to check in on my favourite sites the magical internet fairy has come and updated them several times and there's plenty to see.
Unfortunately there are also disadvantages such as missing out on events announced or messages that people have sent to email systems that I don't have access to during the week.
There is also looking like a bit of a technotard because I've made a mistake and have then left it there for all to see for weeks on end until I notice they exist... Or don't, of course.

Even with this blog, on more than one occasion I've hit 'Save Now' instead of 'Publish Post' and haven't noticed because I've gone rushing off to do something else or attempt to be less antisocial and haven't been able to look at the webpage during the week because it's blocked at work and then have continued not to notice for weeks at a time as I leap onto the internet, fling things onto it and then run away yet again.

Until I get myself organised I'll have to keep on as I have been but I'm going to at least double-check that I've posted things correctly otherwise I'll end up looking like a damn fool.
Sort of like now.
Now if you'll excuse me I'm just going to fix March and then I'll go look up internet packages.

* Sorry I've been watching a lot of Harvey Birdman lately, it's been
Ha Ha Ha! Everything! this week.

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