Sunday, 27 September 2009

That Old Familiar Song


Er, yes Always Slightly Accusatory Voice That I Hear Inside My Head?

Remember that talk we had?

Er, which one? We have so many.

The one about the short term relief of wussing out versus the long term benefits of following through on doing things that you've always wanted to do?

Oh, yeah. That one.

You're having a panic attack, aren't you?

It's hard to say...

You're having a panic attack about being abroad by yourself.

Well it's somewhat perilous being a broad by yourself.

None of your smart mouth.

But it's the only one I've got...

You're getting all nervy about being overseas by yourself even though you love travelling and this way you won't have anyone whining when you want to spend an entire day in a museum or being whimsical and giving yourself airs in a particularly fancy lookin' café.

I do like doing that...

So you're going to stop moaning about only having two weeks to get ready, remember that you've already got your ticket, your passport and at least a week's worth of clean underwear and open a can of harden the eff up.

Hey now, steady on Always Slightly Accusatory Voice That I Hear Inside My Head! No need for strong language! They don't appreciate that kind of thing on the internets!

But you get my point?

Yes, Always Slightly Accusatory Voice That I Hear Inside My Head, I get your point.

Excellent. Then I think we're done here.


See you tomorrow morning when you don't want to get up for work then?

Yeah, see you then.


Erin Palette said...

Wow, the voices inside your head are actually helpful! Mine only want to dredge up old uncomfortable memories and try and get me to say "fuck" in church.

Ricochet said...

Well, Always Slightly Accusatory Voice That I Hear Inside My Head is usually helpful but it has a couple of mates that I call 'Re-run Guy' and 'Imagine If...' who aren't so great.

Re-run Guy specialises in suddenly flinging up memories of saying or doing something incredibly stupid (sometimes sourced from as far back as 1987) and making me make a stupid face/facepalm in public.

'Imagine If...' fulfills a similar function but with theoretical scenarios usually along the lines of 'Imagine if you fell backwards down the stairs just now and then landed spine-first on top of the TV you're carrying before bouncing bonelessly all the way down to the landing...'. This also causes me to make a stupid face, usually whilst on a tram or walking down the street.

The sheer amount of innocent people I must have startled by gurning at them out of the blue...
In fact I'm doing it right now in a café! Sorry everyone! Sorry! *Facepalm*