Sunday, 11 October 2009

Right Place, Right Time

This week was work-lite for a work week as a handful of us got to go to Adelaide on a work trip that involved meetings, presentations and very little actual participation on our part.

This was excellent.

It also managed to bring together a range of things I'm very fond of. Dining out, good wine, amazing bookshops, trawling for quirky cafés, graffiti and street art...

And the other...

Well I will set the scene thusly.

It was Saturday night, the work commitments were well and truly behind us, a friend and I decided to take a leisurely stroll down the street, admiring the way Adelaide's weather had remained stable the entire day - and indeed the whole time we'd been there - and generally putting it on the list of places we wouldn't mind living at some point.

The evening was balmy and pleasant, the light was fading, a little take away noodle place was sending out come hither odours, a local bottle-o promised chilled beverages.

As we were negotiating which dishes we would each get so we could divvy them up like the indecisive scavengers we are, a terrifying shriek filled the air, multiplying and reverberating and growing and echoing until the whole street seemed to be wrapped in it.

And then they came.


At the front quick figures in black, belts and straps, side-arms and quickly improvised weapons.

One long-legged female figure in a slinky red dress and solid black boots, stopping coolly to aim behind her when the moment presented itself.

And behind them.

The horde.

Shambling, running, staggering, falling, clothes torn, limbs bent, intestinal integrity compromised, blood smeared and dripping from foaming mouths.

They lunged uncoordinated at gawping pedestrians, only stopped by barriers that separated the street from alfresco dining areas.

Policemen tried valiantly to herd them away from witless onlookers, twisting out of the way of open jaws and reaching hands as they went.

The Adelaide Zombie Walk was upon us.

We were right in the thick of it.

And it was glorious.

The photos I took were terrible and blurry so here is a link to a site which has much much better ones.

Keep your eyes open for Zombie Ghandi, Zombie Stormtrooper, Zombie Jesus and Zombie Panda amongst others!


Adelaide, I will be seeing you again.

The first wave of undead in the zombieapocalypse will have its ranks primarily composed of people who stopped to take photos and admire 'costumes'.

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