Saturday, 5 March 2011


Just to round out this summer of music, I also went to Soundwave!

The highlights of which I shall now sing!
  • Introducing my friend to Stone Sour, which she immediately fell in love with, and hearing her describe Corey Taylor as punk-rock Prince Harry.

  • Seeing a guy in a wheelchair crowd-surfing, wheelchair and all, when Queens of the Stone Age were playing and Josh Homme ordering the crowd to pass him up on stage so he could rock out with the band.

  • Rob Zombie singing a weird little song about how the big lads in the crowd should hoist the little chicks up onto their shoulders so that the 'Zombie girls' could see that had grinning guys turning to offer their backs to girls throughout the crowd.

  • Being completely bewildered by the clothing and masks on the members of Primus.

  • Rocking out to Slayer and being glad that I hadn't been at the Sydney show instead where Slayer had to cancel because Tom Araya had an ear infection or something.

  • I got to see Iron Maiden again! Iroooooooooooooooooon Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiden!

  • Giggling like an idiot when Dimmu Borgir were on because of Dimmu Burger on Metalocalypse.

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