Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Enormity Of Everything

Sometimes I get a bit frantic about the impossibility of ever experiencing everything there is to experience.

And not even EVERYTHING everything.

Even if you narrowed it down and dedicated yourself to one pursuit you'd never manage to do it all.

Read all the books.

Listen to all the music.

See all the sights.

Watch all the movies and/or TV shows.

Learn all the languages.

Try all the foods.

There are so many things to do and see and every now and then the though that you might be missing out on something that would be truly life changing because of what you're currently doing and because you have no idea that this truly magnificent thing exists let alone that it is your perfect thing.

Of course that's the kind of thinking that can either paralyse you* or motivate you.

After a moment of 'Aaaaaaaaaargh am I wasting my time/not taking full advantage of life' freak outs, I generally get to planning which tends to lead to new things of one kind or another.

I know that if I was immortal most of what I'd do for a portion of that forever would be sitting around and reading and watching things, not because I'm lazy** but because it would give me a chance to have a crack at watching ALL THE THINGS.

But first I think I'd travel.

The chances of various bits of the world and the things in it ceasing to exist - or at least ceasing to exist in their current incarnation - is more likely than a catastrophic EMP event that wipes out all possibility of ever watching a DVD again.

And of all the Everythings that there are to do, a lot of them can be done travelling.

Of course by the time I finished travelling there might not be time for the Everything else but it's hard to believe I'd have regrets about that.

*Because you then get so worried about doing the Right thing that you don't do anything at all.

**Though I can be!

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