Saturday, 3 December 2011

Ricochet's Random List Of Slightly Unconventional Men That She Thinks Are Tasty

Disclaimer #1: The men themselves may not be unconventional but they're not dudes I routinely notice other people phwoar-ing over. I know many of these fellows have their admirers but they're usually not as vocal as the admirers of others. So here I celebrate them.

Disclaimer #2: Yes, this is a pictures instead of words post.

Disclaimer #3: Despite the use of the word 'tasty' I still respect them as unique and complex human beings. Who are tasty.

Richard E Grant

Matthew Willig

Oliver Platt

Sean Astin

Grant Imahara

Stewart Wright

Alan Rickman

Richard Ayoade

Martin Freeman

Andy Serkis

Paul McGillion

Seth Green

Peter Lindgren

Clancy Brown

Danny John Jules

OK, I'm going to stop now before Google Images takes out a restraining order against me.


Anonymous said...

Okay... I could probably pass as the love child of Seth Green and Sean Astin, that would certainly make Christmas lunch interesting! Perhaps I may have a chance with this timorous internet beastie yet ;)

Maybe I should come up with a better pseudonym than the preselected Anonymous though. I could be anyone with a name like that!

Ricochet said...

Timorous indeed!
Lazy I'll certainly own up to, not that I need to given all the electronic evidence :-D

Every time I try to come up with a response to this comment I start imagining Seth Green and Sean Astin feeding each other strawberries and I become somewhat less than coherent :-/

But yes, personalised pseudonym!
You can't use Batmanuel, though, that's taken by Nestor Carbonell in the live action series of The Tick.

Mr Anonymous said...

Much better, that name cancels out over half the population right there.

I tried 'the sterling silver ladle of justice, pouring its foamy cream over the just-picked strawberries of crime' but it just wouldn't fit on the form

Hmmm, wanted to show my appreciation of the live action The Tick, but in the context of your other comment it now sounds vaguely dirty. XD

'the sterling silver ladle of justice, pouring its foamy cream over the just-picked strawberries of crime said...

Hey wait! It does fit!

Mr Anonymous said...


Ricochet said...

It has a very respectable ring to it.
A slight hint of Batman-villain-potential but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume your particular brand of mad genius hasn't lent itself to larceny and homicide thus far.

The fact you know of the show at all is a fine tribute to its short-lived glory and all who basked in it. So many great guest stars :-D

Mr Anonymous said...

Always been one of my favourites! Well, I am moving in less than... 10 hours so I will be unable to read your adventures for a few weeks, please abstain from adventures until I am ready to read about them again. Secret rooms are amazing, all houses need both a secret room and a hydraulic lift to said secret room :)

Ricochet said...

No deal! *posts more babble*

Hydraulic lifts or iron lacework spiral staircases!

I hope the move goes smoothly and as little is dropped/mislaid/messed about as possible.

Ricochet said...

Mr Anonymous: Every now and then I wonder where you've got to and I have this vision of you pinned under a pile of boxes that toppled on you during your move, living off bugs that have wandered too close and thinking 'Why hasn't anyone sent any help?'

The perils of being anonymous on the internets, my friend, no-one can send the St Bernard with the brandy.