Sunday, 8 April 2012

Never Was

I want to tell you that I know you, that I met you long ago.

And that one day we went out walking, to a place we both well know.

I want to tell you that we saw that thing, what happened there that day.

And that we did what had to be done, despite our fears, and chased it all away.

I want to tell you this and so much more but I'm afraid it isn't true.

I've not been to that place, we didn't face that thing, and I will never see you.

And as the horror unchallenged engulfs us, the moment for intervention long gone.

I dream of you and our ungrasped chance and the memories left unspun.

I reach out for you in the swelling dark and imagine you clutch my hand.

And together, one way or another, we cling to us as we watch the fall of man.

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