Monday, 7 January 2008

My Stinky Senses Are Tingling...

I have a mutant power but it is not one I would have chosen.

The very instant the cat goes poops in the litter tray, I can smell it.

No matter where I am in the house - and even if the air between that spot and the actual tray contains no scent of cat crap - I can smell it.

It is as if I can bend time and space to allow the passage of poop fumes directly to my nose without passing through the intervening space.

Unless I discover some way to catapult cat crap onto my enemies so that I can sense them coming before they are in visual range... this is not likely to be a helpful skill that I can use in the defence of the human race or even of myself.
Unless it turns out that zombies smell somewhat like cat crap in which case I will be hella ahead of the game when the zombiepocalypse comes!

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