Saturday, 21 November 2009

How To Get An Australian To Like You

It's all in the pronunciation.

We're really that easy.

I will give you some examples.

This is pronounced Oz (as in the Wizard of Oz) + e (the letter e)
Not Ors-ee.

This is pronounced e (the letter again) + mew (the word for the sound cats make)
Not E-moo.

Ignore the spelling, it is pronounced Mel + b'n (like 'bun' but without the u)
Not Mel-borne.

Armed with this secret knowledge you can instantly be proclaimed a good bloke/blokette, be included in shouts at the pub and can get Australians to like you!

Unless you're a bit of a twonker.

In which case you're on your own.

Sorry mate.


Erin Palette said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erin Palette said...

Yikes, double post. My bad!

Ricochet said...

We are secretly very precious about this, like an entire country being slightly miffed that you forgot it's birthday whilst being too proud to remind you :-)

Double posts make it look like I have many comments, I am shallow enough to enjoy this :-D

BabyGirl1985 said...

LOL love this blog!!! Think that aussies just want you to be you not sound n act like them though LOL Its great tho!!