Saturday, 16 January 2010

Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Everyone has one thing - mundane and commonplace as it may be - that they dream of having once they have their own place and enough money to purchase it.

Some holy grail of comfort or convenience or straight up crazy indulgence which will complete their stately domain or humble hovel.

For some it might be a state-of-the-art drafting board. For others a futuristic uber-kitchen.

Mine is the perfect armchair.

Now, the armchair pictured might not be the perfect armchair.

But it might be.

Just look at it. Plush. Accommodating. Lots of soft angles to drape limbs across in various configurations.

The perfect armchair is big enough for you to pull your legs up underneath you or cross them in front of you without making you feel crowded or cramped.

The arms are high enough to lean on and in conjunction with the back make a nice corner to snuggle back into.

I'm not worried about being able to touch the floor with my feet when I sit in it because I can't do that with most chairs anyway*.

I am on a quest for the perfect armchair. And one day it will be mine.

The Perfect Armchair, a bookcase and maybe one little table.

What more could a person need**?


**There is a possibility that I spend far too much time thinking about armchairs...


Lauren said...

I have one kinda like this at my parents house and it is perfect. I can't tell you how many books I've read there or how many naps I've taken in it!

Ricochet said...

That right there describes exactly how a perfect armchair should be used! My armchair jealousy knows no bounds right now.

Cherish that armchair and never take it for granted!