Sunday, 19 June 2011

Dear Lady At The Sandwich Shop

You are pretty awesome.

You're always friendly and efficient and even when it looks like you're having a cruddy day you don't take it out on your customers and you genuinely seem to appreciate it when we try to cheer you up.

You aren't stingy with the ingredients but you know how to hold back on the mayo so it doesn't taste like our sandwiches or rolls are drowning in eggy death unless that's what we've specifically requested.

I like the way you call me 'darl' as if you're about 50 even though you're probably a few years younger than me.

I am very glad that you respect the health code enough to wear gloves when you prepare our sandwiches and rolls.

But the thing is...

You should take at least one of the gloves off before you accept the money for the sandwiches.

Because otherwise, sure you aren't touching our sandwiches with your hands but you are touching them with everything the money you just touched has bumped up against.

I was raised at the tail end of the glorious immune system boosting 'oh Lord, she's eating the dirt out of the pot plant/dog biscuits/something she found behind the couch again, get it off her and rinse out her mouth, she'll be right' era so I'm fairly sure I'll survive whatever money-glove-sandwich contamination might result but others may not be so robust.

And it's also still a sort of gross idea.

Other than that you're perfect and so are your sandwiches.

Yours sincerely,

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