Saturday, 8 October 2011

Fertility Conspiracy

Facebook, I understand that you data mine us and then try to sell us things.

That's practically a given.

But either you're really bad at targeted ads, or you're a complete bastard.

I mean, I was cross enough at the WiiFit when it started flinging thinly veiled insults my way but this?

OK, so my Facebook profile says that I enjoy certain kinds of music, so you put ads for different bands and related items on my sidebar.

My profile says I'm a certain age so you make other assumptions from that and mix in a few other ads about 80s cartoons and band reunions.

It also says I'm single and I'd gotten used to all the sidebar spots that were devoted to advertising various dating websites.

Then you gave up on the regular, run of the mill dating sites and started advertising almost exclusively that I should give single dads a chance.

I'm sure there are lots of single dads out there who are great guys who deserve a loving partner and what not but the way the ads are presented gave a very 'And hey, who are they to be picky? You've got them over a barrel!' vibe which I found somewhat creepy.

And when I didn't click on any of those either, Facebook, you took it a step too far.

Why are you showing me ads about IVF information sessions, Facebook?

Yes, I'm single.

Yes, I'm 28.

But no, I have not yet reached the turkey baster stage of life.

So if you want me to keep pretending that you're a social networking site and not the elaborate marketing research tool that you are, you will drop the IVF ads and I won't have to go completely effing mental on you.


Anonymous said...

You aren't the only one getting harassed. I have had mine cycled through sporty women, alternative women, desperate women (apparently) and finally... prison women? I had to look at that one and I will admit that the one who killed her last three husbands was quite attractive. Maybe the machines have become sentient but they just decided to be bitchy and annoying rather than destroying us outright.

Here is hoping you have a relaxing Christmas, devoid of random family bearing unwanted fruit cakes, and a great New Years!

Ricochet said...

Hmm, I guess they thought it over and decided that recommending felons to women might get them in some legal trouble but that dudes would probably/maybe be safe.
Those last three guys, they were jerks, they didn't love her like you would!

Christmas has been full of food, nerf guns and more food. I hope yours was awesome and that your New Years is excellent :-)