Saturday, 12 April 2014

Car Gazing

I don't need a new car, I don't even really want a new car.

My good old Holden Berlina station wagon is hanging in there just fine even though I think it's almost old enough to get a driver's licence of its own.

But recently I've found myself kind of fascinated by some of the little 4WD thingies getting around the place.

I tend to judge cars by a specific set of criteria
  • What shit can you fit in them?
  • How sturdy/reliable do they seem?
  • Do they have a reasonable amount of clearance? (None of that low-rider scraping your bumpers coming out of the driveway bollocks)
  • ... Are they a nice colour? *coff coff*
Now with my station wagon it has a few handy features for those with weird random priorities.

My car looks like this except this weird teal-green-blue colour that no-one can agree on.
  • The boot is big enough that you* could put an appropriately sized foam pad down in the back and sleep there if you were on the move.
  • It has a roof rack for carrying other shit.
  • It has enough space in the rest of the car to store stuff you move out of the boot so you can have your on-the-run/keep-moving-to-survive/OK-maybe-you're-just-on-a-roadtrip nap.
  • It's been reliable enough the whole time we've had it even though it hasn't had to do a lot of off-roading or anything.
Yay my big dorky car!

Anyway, the two cars that have been noticing around the streets recently are of a completely different style.

They are:

The Jeep Wrangler


The Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Now neither of these vehicles has a lot of storage space.
Even with my bitty body I'd have a bit more trouble curling up for a nap.
There's no roof rack.
They only have two doors, even though they may have more than two seats.
But I keep looking at them.
I don't know why.

Maybe I'm envisioning myself bouncing across the landscape on the way to save the day (or on the way to run away from something that is trying to prematurely end the day).
Maybe it's something about the shape.
Maybe it's the fact that I can't stop sniggering every time I see a 'smurf' coloured one driving around.

Blue body, white hat!
No idea.

I mean it probably isn't going to lead anywhere but look at the little things!

And if I did end up getting one for whatever reason and becoming one-of-those-douches-who-has-a-4WD-and-doesn't-need-one at least I'd be one-of-those-douches-who-has-a-4WD-and-doesn't-need-one-but-can-still-fit-into-a-normal-size-carpark-and-not-take-up-a-ridiculous-amount-of-space.

*If you too are 5'1''

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