Saturday, 6 February 2010

One Giant Leap For Me-Kind...

This week I bought a nanna cart.

A nanna cart?

Oh you know, one of the things that look like this...

I don't know if they have a real name, give me a break!

I bought it because the other day I was down at the supermarket and I saw a woman put her one bag of shopping into her car, get in, drive 100 m to the other supermarket, park and go in to complete her shopping.
20 minutes later when I was exiting the butcher down the street I saw that she had driven the 300 m from the second supermarket to the post office.

I was aghast.

And I'm not saying that for comedic effect or because I think people don't use the word aghast enough these days, I was genuinely stunned and more than a little perturbed.

I know I habitually describe myself as lazy but if I ever get that lazy I want you to hire somebody to put a pillow over my face as I sleep.

It would be a mercy killing.

I'll leave a note absolving you of any wrong-doing.

I live 10 minutes walk from the supermarket and various shops and with the power of this recent invention - the wheel - I can now walk there and back even when I do a big shop or one that involves an ungodly amount of cans/bottles/acme 100 lb weights.

I know I don't walk as much as I used to.

Before I had no holds barred access to a car I'd walk 30 minutes into town to meet my friends, bike 20 minutes to visit somebody, walk an hour into Uni because I had nothing else to do before class or just do laps around the local lake for funsies.

Without going to the extreme of suggesting my car is trying to kill me - yet - I think it's time the two of us started to spend a bit more time apart.

I'm taking back my perambulatory prerogative!

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