Monday, 24 May 2010

A Chronicle Of Chronicles Chronologically... Chronicled...

Some time ago... oh save me, it was July last year! My life is running through my hands like water and... *coff coff*...

Sorry about that...

Anyway, last year I wrote a post about having re-kickstarted reading properly.

New books!

Books that fired the imagination and stirred the emotions!

Books that scared me or inspired me or made me angry or ecstatic!

Anything except re-reading old favourites for comfort like a self-stunting numpty!

And since then I have read:
  • 65 books
  • 23 296 pages
I have fallen in love with roughly half the authors and am even more convinced than previously that I probably won't survive the apocalypse for long but that if I do I will more than likely end up a tasty snack for someone else rather than a mighty warlord presiding over a Thunderdome type arrangement in an old car-wrecker's yard.

I've been keeping notes on the books and my opinions of them which I've decided to post in a little separate page attached to this blog which you can find here and posted in the sidebar.

I'm afraid I am very bad at identifying genres so it'll be very much 'thing/other thing/adjacent thing'.

The reviews might not be the most edifying ever written - I'm pretty sure the first draft of one review simply read 'Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!' - but hopefully they'll point you in the direction of some new authors and titles if you care to give them a look-see.

Go forth and read!

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