Saturday, 18 September 2010

Planning Hermit

I'm going to blame the fact that my sister and her fiancé are currently building a house.

And that two of my friends and their partners are at different stages of building their own homes.

And the really nice suburbs I drive through with my Dad when we decide the petrol price can go hang and take the scenic route home from Italian.

I can blame whoever I like but the truth is this: I've caught myself planning my perfect house.

I didn't cotton on to it at first that this was what I was doing.

It started with looking at the plans that various people were considering for their future abodes and the ones they'd researched and binned due to how patently crappy and impractical they were.

Then I was paying attention to architectural features of different buildings and houses as I passed.

So when whilst watching Grand Designs I caught myself thinking 'ooh, I'm definitely getting one of those' and realisation dawned.

Of course, when I say planned I'm not talking about a cohesive and structurally sound schematic, just a higgeldy piggeldy collection of 'things wot I like' put together like Door's house in Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere.

For your browsing pleasure and possible bemusement I've gathered a few of them together here.

Now if I can just win the lottery and find a builder willing to tackle a project likely to be rife with such helpful phrases as 'kind of like this but not quite and of course congruent with the rest of the aspects discussed so far...' then I'll be set.


Anonymous said...

I have just stumbled upon your blog via a random combination of chasing unusal webcomics and procrastination and would like to know what device you are using to pick up my thoughts with. As we seem to like almost exactly the same things (and you have put me onto some good websites) I will be following your blog with vigor from now on. Hoping you had a good Christmas/New Years!

Ricochet said...

Why thank you mystery reader!

The trick is to wrap the aluminium foil around your head with the reflective surface pointing inwards.
This way you can harvest the thoughts of others (which bounce in) whilst protecting your own thoughts (which are kept from bouncing out by the shiny surface).

***The more you know!***