Saturday, 21 January 2012

Knit Wit

Remember how instead of learning how to crochet, I got seduced by the unholy art of knitting?

Well, as I march onwards to becoming the owner of the widest scarf in history*, I thought I'd post a couple of the videos that I found helpful as I began knitting.

The diagrams in books are all very good and well but until you've seen an action in motion, if you're anything like me those diagrams may as well be Magic Eye puzzles WHICH DON'T WORK AND HAVE NEVER WORKED AND DON'T SHOW ANY PICTURES EVER NO MATTER WHAT EVERYBODY ELSE SAYS!

YouTube has been a real boon to crafty beginners who don't have regular access to friends, relatives or teachers who are familiar enough with said crafts to be able to guide them.

Knittingtipsbyjudy does a 'how to add a new ball of yarn' video too but as she was purling and I haven't got to purling yet, I found it less straightforward than the video I embedded.

And soon I'll even get to try this one...

... at which point I will throw my outlandishly large scarf around my neck and shoulders and part of my torso and will settle down to actually learn how to crochet!

*I started off with a bunch of stitches because it didn't look that broad but it turns out, yes it was. I think I'm going to have to fold it in half and sew it up and turn it inside out or some malarky unless I want people to think it's a shawl.

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