Sunday, 1 January 2012

Once More Unto The Breach

After a year off from resolutions, which was spent improving my life in other ways in any case, I'm ready to commit myself to a bit of resolving once more.

I am resolution ready.

  • Resolution the First: Punctuality
    My problem isn't technically punctuality. It's optimism.
    If I know it takes 10 minutes to drive somewhere, I'll leave 10 minutes before I need to get there.
    And then if I miss a form of public transport, hit some bad traffic or can't find a park or am unfamiliar with the area, I'm late.
    I've been reigning this particular personal failing in quite strongly in the last few years but I'm making a special project of it this year.
    If I leave half an hour before I need to leave to get somewhere, the worst thing that happens is that I get there half an hour earlier than I need to and I need to entertain myself for a while which is not a problem.
    The best thing is that if things go completely bonkers wrong I'll probably still have a chance at getting there on time or a lot closer to on time than if I keep assuming the best case scenario for every trip.
    This is a bit more general than the resolutions I usually put myself down for but considering how much of a person's life can be affected by how well they organise themselves, I'm making it a priority.

  • Resolution the Second: Ease Up On Social Media/The Internets
    Recently I've been spending what I consider an excessive amount of time dicking around on the internet.
    Some general surfing but a lot of checking in on my various social networking type sites or favourite websites to see if anything has happened. Usually not a lot has and what has could have been checked later. I'm spending time on this that I could be spending on actually achieving things.
    I'm not sure yet whether I'm going to assign myself a specific amount of time or time of the day for internet access or how I'm going to approach this but I'm definitely cutting right down.
    I slipped off the 'stop taking your laptop to work' wagon at the start of this year for a few reasons but I'm climbing back onto it.
    And I'm not going to flick the darn thing back on the moment I get back home either.
    I'm treating it as an extension of my efforts not to have unnecessary noise going on about me all the time, except in this case it's visual noise.
    Putting off doing things of my own or doing them really slowly because I'm checking up on what everybody else is doing is silly and beginning to cheese me off which means my enjoyment of the art/writing/interactions I like is being lessened.
    No more of that.

  • Resolution the Third: Draw One Comic For Every Day
    I keep intending to start drawing more little comics but without a solid plan I don't really sit down to do so.
    This year I'm going to try do a comic for every day. Probably not ON every day because there are plenty of things that might get in the way of that.
    But yes, for every day.
    365 comics.
    My current comic skills are a bit basic but hopefully a year of practise will help me improve and work out what sort of style I'd like to develop.
    I'd love to be able to draw like Lucy Knisley but considering all the art school she attended and all the practise she's had or all the not-sucking-at-making-herself-draw that she's in possession of, that ambition will probably be a long time coming.
    Just putting pencil to paper every day or every couple of days will be a good start.
    And once I've got myself organised I'll start posting them here or somewhere linked to here as a record.
    As my one solid specific-thing-that-you-do-a-specific-number-of-times resolution for this year I expect to focus most of my usual 'argh, am I accomplishing things!?' resolution angst on this - my brain's way of messing me about and keeping things interesting instead of doing anything useful like helping - but on the upside that means I can draw angsty comics about drawing comics and everybody loves that, right?

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