Sunday, 27 December 2009

Climb Aboard The Train O' Thought

I have a habit of dropping strange and seemingly unrelated topics into conversations and then looking puzzled when the people I'm talking with are puzzled by this. This is because in my happy little head the connections couldn't be clearer.
Of course when I sit down and map out the path that lead me from topic A to topic Z this does not turn out to be the case...


START! Something about someone being upset Might have to give them a comfort hug I am bad at hugs, I always feel like I might be squishing a part of them that I shouldn't be but they're too polite to let me know I'm crushing their tapangas Why did I just think 'tapangas' instead of breasts? Wasn't that girl in 'Boy Meets World', the hippy one, called Tapanga? I thought that was quite funny when it was on but I was probably 12 and would hate it now There must be a time when your brain is geared towards particularly corny and obvious acting Like that show on Nikelodeon with the two brothers and the intelligent but socially 'goofy one' is mysteriously more ethnic looking/acting that his simple blonde popular brother which was sort of not so bad when the series started and they were younger and about the same size but then a few years on you think 'did he get fatter because he knew he'd always be cast as the comedy relief so he just stopped caring and put on like 20 kg or is he just a big teenager?' Once you're in a show like that your career is pretty much screwed Like that guy who played Harvey in Sabrina the Teenage Witch, I've never seen him in anything else, he's too clean cut looking, he'd never get in anything good unless he did something really weird to get cred Man it would be funny if Ashton Kutcher Punk'd him and they got footage of him screaming 'Don't you know who I am? I was in Sabrina b*tch!' ... How the heck did I get to that thought? [backtrack backtrack backtrack] FINISH!


Erin Palette said...

I imagine the inside of your brain works something like this:

Verification word: parpl -- is that how Aussies pronounce "purple"?

Ricochet said...

Would you believe that before I'd even gotten to the question panel I was thinking "Man, this looks like how I decide what to have for breakfast"? :-D

Now I have another comic to stalk, thanks Erin!

Close, it's 'perpl' and the further north you get the more 'urrrrr' there is in the 'er' *linguistics away!*